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Tradition in a Modern Method

Ukiyo-e is a medieval Japanese art form using woodblock printing. These 'pictures of the floating world' reflect the ukiyo: a euphoric age of cultural enrichment brought on by Japan's feudal class system. As Japan developed its first middle class, a new frontier blossomed in art, theatre, fashion, and luxury travel. Woodblock printing allowed artwork to be produced en masse, making it affordable to most of the public.

Ukiyo-e highlights the popular culture of the Tokugawa Era, and therefore is considered the world's first Pop Art. Here at Ukiyo-pop®, we strive to honor the spirit of this traditional art form by feature contemporary subject matter, and using modern printing methods to ensure our collection is available and affordable to all. 

Please enjoy this beautiful tradition presented in a modern method.


Creator B.D. Judkins is a Chicago based painter an illustrator. Working solid for well over 30 years, he often admits the worst thing anyone has done is putting a pencil in his hand. Ukiyo-pop® is only the latest of his many projects. Be it film, design, writing, or painting, there is no end to his list of outlandish projects. Never fear about missing anything. He makes a great effort to let you know whatever he's working on next.



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Ukiyo-pop is always releasing new artwork and special deals that can only be found online. Print runs may be limited, so don't miss out. Also, come see us if we're appearing at a convention near you. 

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